Water Balancing

water testing

Our prices start at $50.00, that includes us coming out (with in 15 miles) testing your water and adding up to 15#’s of chemicals, anything after that can be added at our low prices.

Total Alkalinity (TA) – The Total Alkalinity, or TA, is the measurement of how much alkaline substances are in your pool’s water.  When the TA is in range, it helps stabilize your PH level and prevents rapid PH changes.

PH Balance – PH  shows how acidic or alkaline (basic) pool water is.

Low PH – If a pool has a low PH then the water can corrode fixtures or equipment or the surface of your pool, also if the PH is too low swimmers’ skin and eyes can become irritated as well.

High PH – If a pool has a high PH, then the water can also be uncomfortable to swim in, and the water can become cloudy. A High PH can also cause calcium and metals to come out of your pool surface and create stains and deposits on pool equipment and walls.

Chlorine Level – Chlorine is the most important chemical to have. It is important to keep this chemical in proper range, if you have too much it can be unhealthy, and if you have too little then algae and bacteria can grow.

Conditioner Level – Cyanuric Acid (“Stabilizer” or “Conditioner”) is the chemical that is added to a pool to stabilize the chlorine balance. Chlorine is affected and dissolved fast by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Cyanuric Acid protects chlorine from the sun.

Water Hardness Level ( Calcium ) – When water gets too hard it has no room to let the chemicals that balance a pool to dissolve and work, and it has a tendency to start creating deposits or minerals on your pool’s floor and walls and pool equipment due to the high concentration of the minerals in the water. When water hardness is to low  water is corrosive and will start eating away at your surfaces.

th  Pool chemical safety should always be kept in mind when dealing with any of these chemicals. Please consult a professional for instructions on all chemicals listed above for the amounts to be used and the process of introducing them to your pool. All of these chemicals are dangerous and can be very unsafe if used wrong.